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About Us

My name is Stephanie Robinson and I started a CBD Skin Care company,
My Fiance and I both have extremely sensitive skin. We couldn't afford to keep spending so much on skin care so we used his mothers formulation and techniques to create a mostly plant based skin care line. Originally its purpose was for personal use but our friends and family kept asking us to make more. So we started to sell it to friends and family and we thought if our products are so well loved why not make a business out of it. The reasoning behind having CBD as a must in our products was my fiance is huge advocate of the plant. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at a very young age and what really helped him was CBD. This is what has helped keep him in remission for the past 6 years. Through extensive research and testing we have come to realize that CBD has an abundance of beneficial properties not only for pain or discomfort but also for the skin. So we though if CBD has properties to help with inflammation, pain relief and is a known anti-inflammatory than including it in your skin care regiment should benefit your skin immensely.